Class 5 


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 Key Instant Recall Facts ('KIRFs):


 Relevant Class Links


General Introduction: Who were the Greeks? Find out about what the Greeks did for us here.

City States: find out more about Athens and Sparta here, and there is more on this US history site. This BBC Primary History website is a great one to look at.

Myths: A range of Greek myths

Paint a Greek Pot

Creating the Parthenon in SketchUp



Games and activities that may be helpful, in addition to the MyMaths site, which is extremely useful. On the MyMaths site, we would suggest that you go through the lessons and play the games. The Maths is Fun website is another very good one.

Number: Place Value game; practise counting up in 10s, 100s, and thousands. Try these 'loop card' activities.

Multiplication and Division: practise recognising factors by helping Dick and Dom on their quest. Long multiplication and revising factors and multiples. Not sure of your multiples and factors? Practise with Dick and Dom here. Remind yourself of how to do long multiplication here. Practising the Spring 2 KIRFs? Try this Hit the Button game. Nrich activity: The Remainders Game

Practise simple divisions here.

Factorising and finding Highest Common Factors: Try this challenging Maths Playground activity involving finding HCFs and Lowest Common Multiples.

Fractions Dick and Dom Fractions activity. Do you need to practise your fraction and decimal equivalents?Here is somewhere that you can practise. Can you place fractions in the correct place inthis game, to free trapped animals?

Fractions, Decimals and Percentages: Can you plan out a park to the correct specifications? Here is a pairs or pelmanism game.

Geometry: An introduction to measuring angles on the Maths is Fun site; here is an excellent activity for practising measuring angles; and here is another place where you can pracise measuring.

Coordinates: Practise recognising coordinates by finding food for Billy the Bug. If you can manage that easily, try using all four quadrants here. This nrich Cops and Robbers activity is also fun.

Reasoning Problems: Squorder

VOCABULARY and AREAS OF MATHS covered this year that should be known: x and ÷ by 10, 100 and 1000; rounding to the nearest 10, 100, 1000, 10,000, 100,000 and 1,000,000; equivalent fractions, improper fractions, mixed numbers, adding fractions and subtracting fractions; protractor; acute, obtuse, reflex, right angle and straight angles; compact addition, subtraction, multiplication and division (bus stop division); multiples and factors.



Word Classes - do you know your nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives? Revise them here. Watch these short video clips aboutNOUNS,VERBS, ADVERBS and ADJECTIVES
Noun songanimation about apostrophes (annoying music, but quite useful!).
Verbs and AdverbsBBC Bitesize Verbs and Adverbs game. BBC Revisewise Verbs and Adverbs
Modal verbs: practise using the correct modal verbs in this activity.
Prepositional phrases tell you where or when some thing is in relation to something else. After flying for miles, Harry landed in a small spinney. See BBC Revisewise for a reminder.
Conjunctions: find the right conjunction to go in each sentence in this BBC activity.
Onomatopoeic words: here is a long list!

Punctuation Games: Beat the Clock Apostrophe Game; Who owns what? game;  BBC Bitesize Punctuation GamePlay this punctuation game. 

Spelling: You need to know which there/their/they're to use when; this website may help. Thank you, Jim Carrey, for this help with spelling 'b-e-a-utiful'! Can you spell the different 'shun' endings?  Here is a video about 'shun' endings. 

Persuasion: Read about how Richard III and Henry Tudor use persuasive techniques in their speeches before battle? You can find Richmond's (Henry Tudor's) speech here and Richard's speech here. On the right hand side is a simpler version. You can click the arrows near the top to go backwards or forwards in the play.


Did the Vikings leave us any words? Investigate the answer in this interesting article about old Norse words.
Computing; Rennet WebsiteAll About Explorers; and Zoom Explorers - John Cabot and Christopher ColumbusStar Wars Hour of Code, Slug Trail Project
Geography:Coastal erosion: An explanation of the causes of coastal erosion - BBC Bitesize


Design and Technology: the challenges facing bridge builders; Garrett's Bridges

R.E.: Easter and expressing faith through the Arts. The Rejesus website shows how artists have portrayed Jesus over the c enturies. I'd like to know what you think of these paintings: which is your favourite and why?

Richard III: Wikipedia information can be found here; BBC website; Dorling Kindersley site; a factfile on the King;