Class 6

School closure work:



Key Instant Recall Facts ('KIRFs'):



The Lost Thing

Homework activity for 2nd May 2018: Apostrophes for omission or possession

Modal verbs Snakes and Ladders game

How well do you know your prefixes? Find out on this BIg Brown Bear game.

Punctuation Games: 'Trapped' - do you know your commas from your colons? Win the key of freedom and escape from your prison.

Fling the Teacher - can you recognise similes and metaphors?

For a grammar video about relative clauses click here

To watch The Piano, click here

Story Starts  Begin at 2:26 or 5:39.

Christmas customs around the world: WhyChristmas.com has lots of information about Christmas in many different countries. Newsround has information here about ten European Christmas traditions.

Hillaire Belloc's 'Cautionary Tales'  - there is a printable copy here.



You need to know which there/their/they're to use when; this website may help. 

Thank you, Jim Carrey, for this help with spelling 'b-e-a-utiful'!

Can you spell the different 'shun' endings?  Here is a video about them.. 



Shapes in Space game: check what you know about 2d and 3d shapes

Here is a useful video showing how to use BODMAS, a mnemonic to help remember the order of operations in Maths.

An animation showing Long Division from the Maths is Fun website - very useful, but you probably need to watch it a few times to get the hang of it!

Factorising and finding Highest Common Factors: https://app.mymaths.co.uk/1684-resource/highest-common-factor 

Negative numbers activities

Equivalent fractions and decimals 

Do you know your fraction and decimal equivalents? Here is a game to help you practise.

Rounding decimal numbers activity

Find the populations of European Countries here.



How many of the 196 countries of the world can you name?

World Capitals Quiz; a fantastic BBC Bitesize introduction to World Climate

Latitude and Longitude game

Know your World - excellent activities from naace.

Get to know the rivers of the British Isles.

World Knowledge - How well do you know your countries and physical features?



Animals including humans: Labelling a Lung activity

Use these websites to list all 7 life processes and a mnemonic that will help you remember them: BBC Bitesize; Woodlands School Science Revision Site 

BBC Science Clips: Keeping Healthy, Health and Growth, Circulation

Find out about recovery time, lactic acid and muscle fatigue. Here is a short BBC video introducing the heart. Can you label this diagram showing the lungs and related objects? This four minute BBC Class Clips video about the Circulatory and Digestive systems contains amazing scenes.

Light - Making a Kaleidoscope; Light directing activity : Classification: Oxford University Museum of Natural History Learning ZoneKidsBiology.com (some useful information, but 'switch off' the distracting adverts on each page); and sort out the Deadly 60 animals on the BBC Bitesize site or answer this BBC Bitesize quiz.

Circuits: Andy Thelwell's Blobz Guide to Circuits; The Wire Experiment; The Electricity Book - Bulbs


Old Links


An explanation of the Water Cycle. These BBC Learning Zone Videos are very useful: An Introduction to the Water CycleThe Water Cycle; An Introduction to the Water Cycle Part 1and Part 2; and Rivers and the Water Cycle

Light: Try this BBC game based on relecting light and this kaleidoscope activityInsight into EyesightExplainthatstuff - Light;  How the Eye works;  BBC Science clip showing light travelling in straight linesBBC Science clip showing where light comes from and how shadows are formedBBC Bitesize Shadow puppets; how We See Things (BBC Activity); making shadow creatures; shadows created by different materials.

Microbes/micro-organisms: An introduction to microbes and foodBBC Bitesizee-bug Website



Rivers. BBC Rivers and Coasts Introduction; Global Eye Introduction to RIvers

Mountains: Woodlands Junior School (clear and easy to understand); Wikipedia entry on Mountains (more complicated, but lots of information);

Biomes: Simple introductions to habitats - Enchanted Learning Homework Help ; Wildlife Watch


1. An introduction to different Biomes - with lots of information

2. Videos: Arctic TundraDesert BiomeAmazon Rainforest

3. Introduction to the World's biomes - The Wild Classroom

4. Biomes - Kids Discover site