Headteacher: Mr Lee Shilton


School office:

Mrs Pamela Barnard (Monday and Wednesday – Friday)

Mrs Caroline White (Monday and Tuesday)

 Assistant Headteachers:

Miss Katherine Chubb (Reception and KS1 leader)

Mrs Vic Reynolds (KS2 leader

Teaching staff and Teaching Assistants (TA)

 Foundation Stage/Reception (Class R)

Miss Katherine Chubb (teacher)

Mrs Kirstie Phipp (TA)

Miss Kerry Hart (TA)

 Year 1

Miss Katy Parkin (teacher)

Mrs Rebecca Southgate (TA - Monday to Wednesday)

Mrs Liz Short (TA - Thursday to Friday)

 Year 2

Miss Sophie Denly (teacher)

 Year 3

Miss Hayley Phillips (teacher) – currently on maternity leave

Mr Paul Rice (teacher from November 2019)

 Year 4

Mr Richard Ives (teacher: Monday – Wednesday)

Mrs Rebecca Parry (teacher: Thursday and Friday)

Mrs Carol Smith (TA)

 Year 5

Mrs Vic Reynolds (teacher)

Mrs Gaynor Hopkin (TA)

Miss Kerry Hart (TA)

Mrs Kirstie Phipp (TA)

 Year 6

Miss Kate Armstrong (teacher: Monday – Wednesday)

Mrs Kerry Macklin (teacher: Thursday – Friday)

Miss Heni Rabel (TA)

 Other Staff in teaching roles:

Mrs Charlotte Blossom (Forest school practitioner and cover staff member – Thursday and Friday)

Miss Kerry Hart (forest school practitioner)

PPA (planning, preparation and assessment time) and cover staff

Mrs Gaynor Hopkin (PPA for year R 2, 3 and 5)

Mrs Charlotte Blossom (cover for Class R (Thursdays) and Class 5 (Friday afternoons)

Mrs Kerry Macklin (PPA for year 1 – Tuesday afternoon)

Mr Chris Rossington (sports coach) PPA for year 1 – Tuesday morning)

Mr Dan Connolly (sports coach) PPA for year R, 2, 3 and 5)

 Regular Supply Staff

Mr Rob Ereminowicz

Mrs Alison Rushton

Mrs Gillian Atkinson-Thomas

Pastoral Carer:

Vacant position

School Premises staff:

Mr Stewart Fairclough (caretaker)

Mrs Karen Hyman (cleaner)

Midday Supervisors

Mrs Dawn Berridge

Mr Stewart Fairclough

Miss Chantel Fairclough

Miss Heni Rabel

Mrs Carol Smith

Miss Kerry Hart

Mrs Julie Bell

 Kitchen Staff

Cook Supervisor: Miss Vanessa Brown

Assistant Cook: Vacant position

Kitchen staff: Vacant position

 Sports Coaches – undertake school sessions and afterschool/lunchtime clubs

Mr Mark Waters (basketball, korfball and athletics)

Mr Dan Connolly (various sports)

Mr Chris Rossington (PPA cover for year 1, football club and Lego club)

Mr. Tom Pollard (football club)

Mr Jimmy Smith (basketball)