Pastoral care and school nurse

 It is always a priority for us to do all we can to make children’s school experience a positive and happy one. There are, of course, times when children will encounter difficulties and need some extra personal support. Whether this be due to circumstances at home or within school (or often a combination of the two), we encourage children to share any worries they have with us – usually with the class teacher or teaching assistant, but it could be with any other member of staff. It is also quite common for parents or carers to approach us to discuss concerns they have about their child’s welfare in some way. In addition, as children spend such long periods of time with us on a daily basis, the staff are usually quick to notice changes in behaviour or demeanour, which may be attributable to personal problems a child is facing.

Whichever of the above applies, our aim is always to offer support in whatever way possible.  We employ a member of staff (currently Mrs Jane Barney) specifically to help children with any emotional, personal, social or behavioural issues they may have. In circumstances where we have identified the need for some additional support, she will take individual or small groups of children away from their class for a short period. Sometimes this will just be giving a child a little time and space to talk, share any worries or be offered some encouragement. In other cases, there will be an ongoing ‘package’ of support, which may involve other children in activities to help build personal and social skills. She will also liaise with parents and is always very willing to make herself available to talk to any parent who is concerned about their child’s personal welfare.

If parents have any concerns about their child’s health or welfare, we can also arrange for a discussion or appointment with the school nurse (please just ask your child's teacher or the Headteacher).