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Home Learning

We will be posting all future home learning activities here for those children who are working from home for Covid-related reasons.

Mr Shilton's maths activities for the week beginning 7th February (for the Year 4 children in the Junior 2 class)

Work is being posted here for the week of 31st January-4th February. There are 5 sessions of English and Maths which are followed by 3 other sessions (in this case Art, Music and History), to be done in the first 3 days of the week. Additional sessions will be posted later in the week.  Work for Mr. Shilton's maths group (Y4) can be found below.

In English, this week, please use this link to access a series of five grammar lessons. The lessons should be done in the correct order from 1-5, and deal with subjects such as tenses and apostrophes.

 In Maths, Year 5 children should follow this link and complete lessons 12-15 followed by lesson 1. This week's work is principally about division. You should do one lesson each day, and make sure you tackle the lessons in the order I have introduced them above.

Mr Shilton's maths group:

In addition to Maths and English, please follow these links for activities in Art, Music and History. These are activities for Monday-Wednesday this week.





Once you have completed the worksheet, you can draw the animals on a separate sheet.