The School's Governing Body support and challenge the Headteacher and senior leadership to ensure that the school is run effectively for the benefit of all the children. They are responsible for monitoring expenditure, ensuring polices and procedures are in line with regulations, personnel issues and other important aspects of school life.  They bring with them experience of the wider community from all walks of life.

They meet as a Full Governing Body twice each term; one meeting has a Business and Personnel focus, the other Strategic and Pupils. Click on the links below to see minutes of recent meetings (with any confidential items  removed):

Spring Term 2020: Strategic minutes (to be added)

Spring term 2020: Business (to be added)

The following list shows the current members of our Governing Body: 

 GB: Governing Body

Name Category   Appointed by Term of office Business interests or other governorships Relationship to staff
Mr Greg Jones (chair GB)           Co-opted GB 19/04/2019 None None
Mrs Sarah Saunders  Parent  Parent election  01/02/2020  None  None
Miss Pauline Maden  Co-opted  GB  06/06/2022  None  None
 Mrs Claire Tow  Parent  Parent election  12/07/2021  None  None
 Mr David Barney Co-opted  GB 20/04/2023  None  Spouse part-time pastoral care worker
Miss Lisa Hopkins  Co-opted  GB  26/02/2021  None  None
 Dr John Hebblethwaite  Co-opted  GB  19/04/2023  None  None

 Mrs Olivia Smith

 Co-opted  GB  26/02/2021  None  None
 LA Governor  Local authority  GB (nominated by LA)  01/10/2022  None None
 Mrs Justine Wood  Parent  Parent election  None None 
Mrs Kirstie Phipp Staff Staff election
 Mrs Mandy Brown  Parent  Parent election  08/05/2022  None  None
 Mr Richard Ives  Staff  Staff election  14/11/2020  None  None
 Mr Lee Shilton  Headteacher  Ex officio  n/a  None  None